Over almost 50 years of ministry, God has blessed and worked through the people of Compass Christian Church, resulting in thousands and thousands of people giving their lives to Christ. We are at the start of a defining season at Compass. The gospel compels us to many things, and one of the most important is radical generosity. Just as Christ poured out His generosity for us on the cross, we are to pour out our lives as an offering to Him and to others.

As God continues to bring opportunities for growth to us as a church, He also brings opportunities for growth to us as individuals. We do not want to be a people who live in the safe zone, the “charted” zone. We want to be a people who live lives in the UNCHARTED - with faith beyond the horizon.

We need each and every one of us to join in as we continue navigating more and more people to God.

In the next two years, we’re asking God to work through us to:

  • Trust God Beyond our Borders to navigate thousands of people to God around the world
  • Trust God Beyond our Walls to eliminate debt and prepare for the next thing God has in store for Compass
  • Trust God Beyond Ourselves to navigate people to God in our local communities

We invite you to join us on this UNCHARTED journey of faith. No one has ever regretted giving to God. Let’s choose to put God first in all things— boldly trusting God in faith beyond the horizon!

Drew Sherman
Lead Pastor


100% OF US

to boldly trust God with faith beyond the horizon and have a life-changing generosity experience


over the next two years to further God’s Kingdom and navigate thousands of people to God

This is the largest mission initiative we have ever attempted, fully confident that our holy God is leading us into Uncharted territory.

To do this, we believe God isn’t just calling us to be generous; He is calling us to have faith beyond the horizon. What might it look like in YOUR life to more faithfully trust Him? Join us on this journey as we delve more deeply into the Uncharted and live out our faith beyond the horizon in the following initiatives:


We wouldn’t be Compass if we did not accelerate what we do for the world. In this two-year initiative, we believe God is challenging us as a church to give the largest amount we have ever given to missions both locally and globally.
  • $2M - Expand relationships with existing mission partners
  • $1M - Grow in our commitment to external mission efforts by 50% over the next two years
  • $3M - Invest dollars in our next local campus


We want to unleash the ministry of Jesus EVERY DAY. So we need facilities to train today’s church and to reach today’s city and generation. When we eliminate debt on our current facilities, we are positioned to make a greater impact in needs for our community and church.
  • $5M - Completely pay off our new Roanoke building within two years of completion
  • $7M - Eliminate all debt on Compass Center and Compass Fields properties to free up dollars for ministry
  • $1M - Provide capital improvements to Colleyville campus, Compass Center, and Compass Fields properties to help navigate children, teens, adults, and our community to God


This is our general ministry budget, but it is anything but general! These funds are used to fuel life-changing ministries like Compass Kids, Compass Students, Community Groups, Rooted and everything else that aids us in navigating everyday people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Compass is not an institution. We are a people on mission, connecting with others. We want to continue to grow in that way.
  • Continue to invest in all areas of local ministry at Colleyville, Roanoke, Compass Center, and Online campuses
  • Enhance and develop the impact of our ministry operations in adult, student, and kids ministries at all campus locations


You may have been part of church campaigns in the past where you were asked to give a second gift ‘above and beyond’ your usual gifts to complete special projects. At Compass these have been used to make new buildings and ministries possible. Normally, you gave that gift to the “Building Fund” and you also continued to give to the “General Fund.” This type of giving is potentially confusing to people who either don’t have a baseline for their “usual giving” or who aren’t able to really celebrate the total giving at Compass in one single number. We believe we’re all on ONE MISSION - the mission of navigating people to God.
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